Titanic is a movie based on the events that lead up to the historical sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912.  The story tells of two passengers from different backgrounds who fall in love on the ship before it’s sinking.

Rose Dewitt Bukater is a first-class passenger traveling with her mother and her fiance, Cal.  Rose and Cal are to be married when they arrive in America.  Rose was born into a wealthy family and Cal is a successful businessman.  While on the Titanic, Rose begins to feel overwhelmed and panics.  She rushes away from a formal dinner and stands on the rails of the ship looking down and crying.  It is clear that she is distraught and contemplating jumping.  This is when she meets Jack Dawson, a handsome, pennyless, 3rd class passenger.  He calmly speaks with Rose and quickly jumps to her aid when her shoe slips on the rails.  After the event, the two develop a chummy and passionate secret relationship.  They appear to just be friends, but they eventually fall in love.

On the night of the Titanic’s sinking, Rose abandons her mother on a life boat to be with Jack who has been left on the ship to drown. The couple endure the ships sinking together and they wait for help in the water.  They make plans together and talk about what kind of life they could live.  It is clear that Jack won’t make it out of the frigid waters, but Rose has a chance to live a new life.  She is forced to leave Jack’s lifeless body in the ocean in order to get to the rescuers.   This is a beautifully romantic movie that is based on real events.  It is a classic.


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